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Mystery Semparong Lake, Salt Water Lake In The Middle Sukun Island

Danau Semparong, dilihat dari bukit sebelah barat. Foto: Ebed de Rosary 

For fans of adventure, during a visit to Sikka your trip is not complete without setting foot on the Sukun island . The small island which is about 45 nautical miles north of the city Maumere is located in Flores mainland. The uniqueness of the island area of ​​6.3 square kilometers this is the salty water lake located east of this land.The lake is included in the region Semparong Village, so named after the lake Semparong. The lake has an area of ​​about 29.54 hectares, is about 1.5 km from the village and can be reached in 45 minutes walk away with a slightly uphill road. There is also a motorcycle, but it is rather difficult to find, because the island is the amount not more than 10 pieces.Mongabay moment came for a visit in mid-April, the access road from the settlement nenuju lake is a dirt path that can only be crossed by a motorcycle. Sides of the road is filled with a community garden to plant cassava and green beans. Approaching the lake, about 50 meters last trip reached by walking down a valley with a slope of about 30 degrees splitting grassland.There was a steep hill rises about 300 meters fortify lakes in the north. While the western part bounded high hill about 150 meters and a height of about 50 meters south. Lake circled the hill where getting to the east and turning north to the increasing height of the hill.The width of the lake is estimated at about 150 meters and an L-shaped which extends to the west flanked by two hills. To reach the lake visitors must pass through the west side of the lake, and even then when the summer when the water of the lake will shrink so menyisahkan land about 10 meters along the width of about 50 meters."If the rainy season the water of the lake will be filled to a height of 3 meters so that visitors can not get past its shores," said Burhanuddin, a local resident who is believed to be the caretaker of this lake. Burhanuddin carry on as caretaker of the lake after her father died.The uniqueness of this lake water, is water exceeding saltiness salty sea water. Burhanuddin invited me to try it out, and sure enough it tasted very salty. No one has examined how levels of salt contained therein. This natural phenomenon is quite interesting, because the distance to the sea in the south and north of the lake is about one kilometer. There needs to be research on the uniqueness of salt water in this lake.
Danau Semparong, dilihat dari puncak bukit. Tampak di latar belakang laut lepas yang berjarak sekitar 1 km dari danau. Foto: Ebed de Rosary Semparong lake, the views from the hilltop. Looked at the background of the high seas which is about 1 km from the lake. Photo: Ebed de RosarySemparong lake, the views from the hilltop. Looked at the background of the high seas which is about 1 km from the lake. Photo: Ebed de RosaryBreadfruit Island from google maps, it appears Semparong lake in the east of the island. Courtesy: google inc
Pulau Sukun dari peta google, tampak danau Semparong di timur pulau ini. Courtesy: google incBreadfruit Island from google maps, it appears Semparong lake in the east of the island. Courtesy: google inc
Sacred lakeAccording to Burhanuddin, every year is always made of traditional rituals at the shore of the lake to honor ancestors and guards the lake. Ritual usually held in November or January, conducted by slaughtering goats and chickens as well as serve chicken eggs, betel nut and brown rice, white and black."We named Pillar Tewo meaning fed or Buy Gea as a tribute to ancestors and penuggu lake so as not to disturb residents and visitors," said Burhanuddin.Burhanuddin narrative narrative connected to each other with Darman, the village head Semparong. Darman said rare people who dare to bathe or swim in the lake Semparong. Never said Darman tells the narrative of the village elders, there was a foreign tourist who tried to swim to the middle of the lake and then vanished remains unknown."If you want to see the lake, visitors usually dihantar caretaker so secure but still prohibited from entering the lake," said Darman.According to other residents, Amo, who claimed to have dived to see the bottom of the lake, the lake is muddy soil substrate."No animals in the water there, no crocodiles, fish are also missing. I've dived into the lake and just find a muddy course, "said Amo.Land on the edge of the lake is very soft and disappear when stepped on. This causes the visitor is forbidden to come closer and get into the water because of the muddy lake bottom and will sink when stepped on. The ground was white when it was taken and kissed issued a stinging scent of salt.Semparong lake is still a mystery, waiting to disibak and further study the phenomenon scientifically.
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